Our "Tech. Cars. Machines." content explores the influence of sensors, connectivity and software analytics on vehicles and equipment.

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Alyia Green, Chief Information Officer of Chevron's exploration business, describes the interaction of IT and Operational Technology and the practical solutions derived from today’s Big Data and artificial intelligence technologies.  A raw transcript is here.

Behrooz Abdi, Chief Executive Officer of TDK InvenSense, describes why decades of innovation remain in MEMS sensors.  Behrooz describes why the acquisition of public company InvenSense by TDK was the right decision from a technology and manufacturing perspective.  A raw transcript is here.

Bill Ruh, Chief Executive Officer and founding executive of GE Digital, describes the genesis, product portfolio and lessons learned in establishing the leader in the industrial Internet of Things.  A raw transcript is here.

 Eddie Amos, Chief Technical Officer of GE Digital, explains the rationale for GE Digital's acquisition of Meridium.  He describes how Asset Performance Management and other technologies allow customers to digitize their operations and optimize maintenance. A raw transcript is here.

Mark Farrell, the Mayor of San Francisco, explains why he organized a meeting with autonomous vehicle companies such as Zoox and GM Cruise, and municipal first responders.   How do municipalities view ride sharing, autonomy, and electric scooters and bikes? A raw transcript is here.

Chuhee Lee, Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Volkswagen Group of America's Electronic Research Laboratory, explains how his team's research influences the user experience in the 11 million vehicles that VW Group sells every year.  A raw transcript is here.

GTK explains how electric vehicle adoption will threaten automotive profit distribution much sooner than unit volumes would imply.  Tesla has brought about this and many other large but less-noticed changes & threats.  The Company has been afforded unprecedented latitude. 

Y Combinator 2018 Winter Event graduates Mike and Jack Ross, co-founders of Beanstalk, describe the role of LED lighting and 3D printing robotics in indoor farming.  A raw transcript is here.

Y Combinator 2018 Winter Event graduates Igino Cafiero and Aubrey Donnellan, co-founders of Bear Flag Robotics, describe their approach to automating tractors that service orchards and other GPS-denied and organic environments.  A raw transcript is here.

Craziness on the roof, unshapely warts all around, lots of stuff in the trunk.  We explain self-driving car components, why you probably shouldn't pay Tesla for "Full Self Driving," and why you should invest in niche opportunities, high-performance vendor offerings, or where cost/form factor is already consumer-ready.

William Santana Li, Founder and CEO of Knightscope, and a Ford Motor Company veteran, describe how he’s raised $40MM without venture capital to build the leading autonomous security robot company.  A raw transcript is here.

 Josh Switkes, CEO and co-founder of Peloton Technology, describes how his company enables safe tailgating between trucks, helping the industry save fuel and improve safety.   Understand how the company raised $80MM from the likes of Intel, UPS and Volvo.  A raw transcript is here.

GTK explains why the near and medium-term profit opportunity in driver-less transportation is in "closed-field applications" rather than mass-market consumer vehicles.